COVID-19 protection
With the current COVID-19 situation, we decided to bring all our forces to help fight the pandemic in Denmark and beyond.
Universal Color & Chemical ApS has a number of remote storage facilities abroad with personal protective equipment and gear, which we offer for healthcare professionals and services to use.
We are ready to provide Medical Protective Facemasks, Faceshilds, Protection Suits, and Nitrile Gloves for healthcare heroes who are tirelessly fighting to curb the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.
Nowadays, due to the increasing uncertainty surrounding the logistics and transportation of the equipment as well as the volatile nature of the market, there is a greater need for protective great than ever.
To help in solving this issue, we do everything we can to meet the demand as soon as possible while bearing in mind that, as things stand, the supply cannot meet the global demand for protective equipment.
We produce:
- Facemask (our manufacturer can produce 400.000 pcs. per day)
- Faceshields (our manufacturer can produce 50.000 pcs. per day)
- Protection Suits (we have 1 million pcs. stock)
- Nitrile Gloves (our manufacturer can produce 2 million pcs. per week)
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