Declaration: UniPrint™ Devoré Paste is a high viscous printing past into which you can mix UniPrint™ Devoré Activator A or B, A has a gentle  action and B has a very strong action on the cotton fibers.
Usage: UniPrint™ Devoré Paste is used as follows:

  900 – 800 gram UniPrint™ Devoré Paste
  100 – 200 gram Devoré Activator A or B
 Total: 1000 gram

The two products are mixed together very thoroughly.
Printing is through a 43 mesh screen using a round squeegee; use 2 – 6 strokes in order to have enough paste on the fabric.
Disintegration of the Cotton fibers takes place in the drying tunnel and in order to have a prefect result all water must be evaporated from the print before the Burnout action is initiated.
Dry at 160oC. for ca. 3 – 5 minutes, and use strong air circulation in the dryer.
After this treatment it is possible to shake off the burnt cotton lint’s.
It is necessary to make a washing at 40 C. using 1 – 2 gram Soda Ash pr. liter water in order to neutralize the Devoré products.
Drop the neutralizing bath and rinse warm and cold.
The washing should take place in a machine with good agitation in order to release the burnt fibers.
Centrifuge and dry the fabric again and finish of by ironing.
Storage: Store the product in a closed container in a cool and dry place at 25°C. and its activity is maintained for 3 month and more, at 5°C. the activity is maintained for a year and more.
Safety: Product spilled on the skin must be removed by washing with soap and water.
If the eye is contaminated then rinse with plenty of water. If irritation persist, get medical advice.
Use normal Hygienic rules as a guideline for using the product.
Disclaimer: Universal Color & Chemical Aps. makes no representation, guarantees, or warranties of any kind with respect to the foregoing information with respect to accuracy, suitability for particular applications, or the results obtained through the use of the information. While believed reliable, the foregoing information has it basis in laboratory work with small scale equipment which may not provide a reliable indication of performance or properties obtained or obtainable on large scale equipment. Because of variation in methods, conditions and equipment used commerciallyin processing of these materials Universal Color & Chemical Aps. makes no warranties or guaranties representing suitability of Universal Color & Chemical Aps. products or the information for the application or condition disclosed. User has all responsibility for full scale testing and end product performance. Universal Color & Chemical Aps. shall have no liability for, and the customer assumes all risk and liability of, any use of the foregoing information and/or handling of any material relating to the information. Universal Color & Chemical Aps. makes no warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, either with respect to the information or materials relating thereto. Nothing herein shall operate as permission, recommendation, or inducement to practice any invention without permission of the patent owner.


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