Declaration: Polymer mix, viscosity regulator, softening polymer, and quality enhancing additives.
White viscous paste for textile printing giving high fastness to washing and crock.
Ready for use.
Usage: Uniprint™ White FF is in particular developed for textile printing where a high level of crockandwashing fastness is a demand.
Due to the special mechanism of the binder it is possible, after correct fixing of the print, toachieve crock fastness of 4-5, wet and dry.
Uniprint™ White FF is a Bluish White and is particular suited for printing on pastel- as well asdark colored textiles.
Uniprint™ White FF can be tinted with Uniprint™ Pigments for highest fastness and Öko-tex100 requirements.
Select Penta- and Serigraphic Screens with high % passage for best coverage.
In order to obtain highest fastness, curing at 150-160oC for 3 minutes is required after the printis dry.
The dryer must for best result be well ventilated.
This product is Formaldehyde- APEO free and contains no phthalates, making it a first choicefor Öko-tex 100, and EU-Flower.
Storage: Store the product in a closed container in a cool and dry place free from freezing.
Environment: Product spilled on the skin must be removed by washing with soap and water.
If the eye is contaminated then rinse with plenty of water. If irritations persist, contact medicaladvice.
Use normal Hygienic rules as a guideline for using the product.
Disclaimer: Universal Color & Chemical Aps. makes no representation, guarantees, or warranties of any kind with respect to the foregoinginformation with respect to accuracy, suitability for particular applications, or the results obtained through the use of theinformation. While believed reliable, the foregoing information has it basis in laboratory work with small scale equipment whichmay not provide a reliable indication of performance or properties obtained or obtainable on large scale equipment. Because ofvariation in methods, conditions and equipment used commercially in processing of these materials Universal Color & ChemicalAps. makes no warranties or guaranties representing suitability of Universal Color & Chemical Aps. products or the information forthe application or condition disclosed. User has all responsibility for full scale testing and end product performance. UniversalColor & Chemical Aps. shall have no liability for, and the customer assumes all risk and liability of, any use of the foregoinginformation and/or handling of any material relating to the information. Universal Color & Chemical Aps. makes no warranties,express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, eitherwith respect to the information or materials relating thereto. Nothing herein shall operate as permission, recommendation, or inducement to practice any invention without permission of the patent owner.


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